Tenting websites inside Goa’s sanctuaries quickly: Rane | Goa Information


Panaji: Forest Minister Vishwajit Rane said on Friday that camping sites for visitors will soon be created in Goa’s forests. He said such facilities will encourage more citizens to visit Goa’s wildlife sanctuaries and parks.
There are also plans to improve the infrastructure of Goa’s only bird sanctuary – the Dr. Salim Ali in Chorao – to improve.
“After discussions with forestry officials, we have decided to promote the development of forest ecotourism in forest areas and forest parks. We will improve the infrastructure of the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, build campsites, jungle trails, etc.,” Rane said in a tweet.
He recently said that the Goa Forest Development Corporation will act as the central agency for all ecotourism activities in the state.
“We will conduct these activities with expert guidance to ensure that people are more interested in and visit forest parks. Campsites and jungle trails are prioritized. We’re going to create a whole new ecosystem so we can see the animals in the park,” Rane said.
He said last week that Vinay Luthra and Raman K, who have served as chief conservators of forests in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh respectively, will be tasked with replicating protected area-based tourism models like the states in Goa.
There are plans to develop jungle lodges like those in the Karnataka forests and wildlife parks similar to those in Madhya Pradesh.
A forest management plan is also being drawn up for Goa.