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This proposed outdoor adventure and dining area is designed to revive the Colorado River camping scene.

Grand Junction, Colorado, entrepreneur Jen Taylor is over it. In the eyes of the longtime local and outdoor advocate, the camping scene has turned into overcrowded RV sites and crowded parks for full-time travelers.

But instead of sitting around complaining about the lack of alternative experiences, she is creating a novel place to camp in her hometown. Now live on Kickstarter, El Jets Cantina + Sky Outpost is something between the coworking fantasy world of a woo-woo millennial and the mystically inspired hiding place of a wizened desert man. Hell, even the renders are boutique.

Cantina rendering by El Jet; (Photo / El Jets Cantina + Sky Outpost via Kickstarter, Fb)

Apparently excited, Taylor explains in the teaser video the problem with traditional campsites – and where El Jet’s fills the void.

“There is no mood, there is no juice. There is no such thing as “Wow!” Factor in addition. And that’s what [El Jet’s] is – it’s a ‘you’re kidding’ experience. “

If successful, the Glamping Cantina’s Kickstarter campaign will help the company secure 10 Vintage Airstream trailer to transform into “dreamy vacation capsules”. Eight days before the all-or-nothing campaign ended, they missed their $ 25,000 goal by $ 5,000.

At first glance, the Rootsy project seems to be the topic of conversation. Can it be walked?

Glamping Cantina location and proposal

The 4.2 acre lot that will become El Jets Cantina + Sky Outpost is located at the confluence of the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers, west of downtown Grand Junction.

The confluence of the Colorado and Gunnison rivers, Grand Junction and the Book Cliffs in the background; (Photo / M. Rosebrock via Shutterstock)

The place has deep indigenous and historical significance (which Taylor outlines in the Kickstarter video), but it was a garbage dump for years – In theteral. ANDAt the end of the 1980s, the city removed 8,500 discarded cars from the construction site.

Its revitalization is justified. To say it is surrounded by hiking trails and recreational opportunities is an understatement. Kickstarter lists the location details (no changes made):

  • with view on Colorado National Monument!
  • 3.2 km on the way to the Lunch Loop Trailhead, World class MTB single track!
  • Steps to Dos Rios bike park
  • Steps to Amphitheater of the Colonies + upper River park!
  • Future Connect / Float / Shuttle + 2-mile river park Bicycle park on the island

The organizers call it a “purpose-oriented urban outdoor leisure hospitality resort”. According to the Kickstarter list, the indoor / outdoor restaurant and venue will serve “the best damn margaritas, cold beers, and fish tacos” in the area. And Sky Outpost is billed as the “first and only glamping / lodging / camping outpost on the river”. This is where the Airstreams come into play.

el jet airstream renovationA Sky Outpost Airstream gets French doors; (Photo / El Jets Cantina and Sky Outpost via Kickstarter)

Kickstarter project: Airstream Dreams

For the Nomad / glamper Dude, a plush airstream is a big draw – acting out anachronistic fantasies, the modular interior design. The glittering, riveted airplane skin.

Taylor cleverly ties the dots together, setting aside $ 400,000 to secure and renovate 10 silver balls for the property. Each custom build can accommodate two to four or more. French doors open onto a shaded deck and the requisite epic view.

Inside you will find plenty of soft seats and beds, heating and air conditioning, a library lounge and a coffee / laptop station. You know, for work.

seeing is believing

There’s way too much to say about El Jets Cantina + Sky Outpost without falling into an anaphylactic nomad-hipster shock. The open air stage is a 1964 Ford cab named Henry.

The permanent food truck is a tour bus from the 1970s called Large Marge. Not every inanimate object has a name, but the in-house schnapps does: El Jets lager is tapped and El Jets Tequila flows freely.

the tequila of the jetThe local taste; (Photo / El Jets Cantina and Sky Outpost via Kickstarter)

I could go on But for the good of everyone involved, it’s probably better to see for yourself.

cashbox El Jets Cantina + Sky Outpost Kickstarter Page (You only have five days to get into the action early). Or follow the Glamping Cantina on Facebook to learn more. Check out the extra ones Project development details, including the following footage.

And if you’re in the area, stop by when the doors open in April 2022. It will definitely be a whole atmosphere.