That is your final day to take the Virginia Outdoor Survey


From Virginia State Parks:

This is your chance to let the Commonwealth know what you need and value by taking part in the 2022 Virginia Outdoors Survey.

The results of this survey, conducted twice in a decade, form the Virginia Outdoors Plan, the state’s comprehensive document on land conservation, outdoor recreation, and open space planning.

Completing the survey takes only minutes and gives you a voice on how the government and private sector manage Virginia’s natural spaces.

More survey respondents mean a better, fairer Virginia Outdoors plan. As simple as that.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should stop what you’re doing and take the Virginia Outdoors Survey now.

1. It only happens once every five years. Taking the survey is easy—but your answers have far-reaching implications. Over the next five years, Virginia’s outdoor planners will make decisions and allocate resources based on survey data. Please don’t miss this opportunity. There will be no more until 2027.

2. It helps bring resources to your area. Do you wish your neighborhood had more trees and pathways? Concerned about the water quality where you live? Data from the survey is an important factor in deciding where across the state funding and resources are needed for the exterior. Your responses to the survey will help your community get their share.

3. Federal dollars are at stake. Federal funding for all types of outdoor projects is available to Virginia—but only if the state can demonstrate a need. If you want Virginia to see new dollars in public open space, park enrichment and environmental conservation, make your voice heard.

4. Virginia’s economy will benefit. From the Chesapeake Bay to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia’s landscapes draw millions of tourists each year. These visitors dine at our restaurants, shop at our stores, and generally keep our economy running. Your participation in the survey will help keep them coming – and spending.

5. It helps curb overdevelopment. The Virginia Outdoors Plan directs land conservation through the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation. In addition, it enables the state to participate in the program of the state and water protection fund of the federal government. By taking the survey, you will provide insights that will help balance growth and green spaces where you live.

You can participate in the Virginia Outdoors Survey at

Feel free to share the link to the survey with family, friends and neighbors.

If you don’t take the survey now, be sure to complete it to the end 15th of August.