The Ag Museum Is One Of Mississippi’s Finest Outside Points of interest


Are you a nature lover and looking for the perfect place for your next trip? If so, we recommend checking out the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Museum, or simply the Ag Museum as it’s commonly known. We know what you’re thinking, “a museum?!” However, with acres of outdoor exhibits, gardens, nature trails, and additional on-site museums, it’s not your typical museum.

There is no better place to enjoy outdoor education and recreation than the Ag Museum in Jackson.

Possibly one of the state’s best kept secrets, most residents are unaware of the museum. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth knowing about… because it is!

The basic work on the museum began as early as 1969.

Today it is a multi-million dollar facility with 22 exhibits.

Spread over 39 acres, the nearly two dozen exhibits are made up of several permanent exhibits, including the Heritage Center.

The Heritage Center houses 500 years of the state’s agricultural history and is a great place to start a museum visit.

Small Town, Mississippi is one of the museum’s most popular — and most impressive — exhibits.

The recreation of a 1920’s town is filled with old-fashioned buildings typical of towns from decades ago. Incredibly realistic, the buildings are filled with antique furniture. There’s even a general store that’s stocked with goods and open.

The museum’s campus is dotted with a few show gardens and an exhibition itself.

In addition to a beautiful rose garden with more than 60 types of roses, there is a herb garden with 40 different types of herbs, perennials, trees and shrubs.

In addition to the show gardens, there are agricultural gardens for visitors to explore.

The Specialty Crops Garden provides insight into the impact of the state’s specialty crops on daily life. And then there’s the Victory Garden, which features an array of seasonal plants.

Farm animals are synonymous with farming, so it should come as no surprise that the museum has a few.

The native animals are housed in the Children’s Barnyard, which also includes a veterinary exhibit.

Don’t forget that the museum’s full name is Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Museum, which means it also has exhibits about the state’s forests. forestry Museum, which means there are state forest exhibits too.” data-pin-url=””/>

Visitors can take a forest hike thanks to the museum’s nature trail. The trek leads directly into the surrounding forest and aims to educate visitors about the role of the environment in agriculture.

The Ag Museum is also home to two other museums: the National Agricultural Aviation Museum and the 4H Museum Learning Center.

(Don’t worry; admission includes admission to all three!)

A carousel, a show barn and an 18th-century homestead are also features of the museum.

In addition to the permanent exhibitions and features, the Ag Museum hosts a range of fun events throughout the year.

Seasonal festivals, storytelling hours and culinary celebrations are just a few of the events the museum has organized in the past.

Do You Have Questions? Call the Ag Museum (601) 432-4500. You can also visit the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Museum website. And make sure to like the Ag Museum Facebook page to keep up to date with happenings and happenings at the museum.

Did you know about this Jackson gem? Ever been? If yes, what do you think? Do you know another secret place? tell us!

If you have some time in Jackson, pay a visit to the Cultivation Food Hall. The first eatery of its kind in the state is modeled after European food halls. And like its overseas counterparts, it’s home to a number of restaurants.

Address: Mississippi Museum of Agriculture and Forestry, 1150 Lakeland Dr, Jackson, MS 39216, USA