The bouldering of Isabelle Faus / Sinawav 8B+ first ascent


The video portrait of Isabelle Faus, one of the most accomplished female boulderers in the world. ‘Behind the Seams’ by Matty Hong includes footage of her summer 2020 first ascent of Sinawav 8B+ at Pine Cliff, USA.

Despite being one of the strongest boulderers in the world, Isabelle Faus remains much of a mystery. Usually the 29-year-old American climbs away of the spotlight, but Matty Hong’s portrait “Behind the Seams” now restitutes some of the attention she justifiably deserves. Also because after having repeated several 8B+, in summer 2020 she established Sinawav at Pine Cliff, USA. Graded V14/8B+, this is one of the hardest blocks ever first ascended by a woman.

Info: whateverriisabelle.comSCARPA

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