The CampinAwe Off-Highway Tenting Trailer Has The whole lot You Want


Buying a camping trailer can be difficult. A tiny teardrop trailer can be a bit too spartan and cause more trouble than it’s worth; A luxury caravan with all amenities can be quite expensive. But Infusion Design’s CampinAwe trailer, first spotted by the folks at New Atlas, could be a great Goldilocks option.

The CampinAwe sleeps two on a large queen mattress. You can add a Rhino Rack and a rooftop tent to accommodate additional sleeping space. Insulated body panels with an operating range between -40º and 250º Fahrenheit should cover all climate change related extremes. The cabin has 58.3 cubic feet of available storage space in various compartments.



The trailer reduces the equipment to the essentials. There is a rollout gas stove. It comes with a Yeti cooler that fits in a special compartment under a fold-up seat. CampinAwe is also equipped with a private shower tent that doubles as a facility for using the portable toilet. Options available include an awning, Renogy solar panels and battery systems, and air conditioning.

The CampinAwe is relatively manageable by camper trailer standards. It’s lightweight, with a dry weight of 1,910 lbs. Even as you approach the 1,080 payload, that’s still light enough to be towed by a Jeep Wrangler or Subaru Outback. At 6’11”, it’s designed to fit in most garages. And it’s ready for off-road use with all-terrain tires, a torsion axle with independent suspension and 18 inches of ground clearance.

CampinAwe’s starting price is $29,395. The company offers financing starting at just $249 per month. A cool feature is that the trailers are not built to order and options can be added after production. By keeping components and trailers in stock, the typical time between ordering and collection/delivery of a CampinAwe is only one to two weeks.


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