The Excessive-Tech Future Of Idaho Tenting


By nature, Idahoans love the outdoors. Outdoor activities have an energy that cannot be duplicated even within the walls of the most entertaining building. While many complain that Treasure Valley’s growth is stifling, life here still offers many escapes.

So many of my friends and colleagues love camping. They like to be one with nature. I also enjoy being outside, but I also like having the comforts of home. Tents offer protection but no comfort. So when I read about Jupe I thought it might be the perfect compromise.

Jupe is a company founded by former SpaceX and Tesla engineers. They build futuristic tents. Or maybe they should be called bedrooms that can be placed anywhere. They are approximately 111 square meters and equipped with a queen-size memory foam mattress, heating and air conditioning, two power outlets, dimmable floor-to-ceiling lighting, lockable storage compartments and lockable secure entrances.

The structure looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Imagine what a campsite looks like on the moon and that’s it. They have 11 foot vaulted ceilings and are illuminated at night.

The company makes money by selling these structures to people who own land that they want to use for short-term rentals. It’s like an instant Airbnb. You could put one in your garden! It would be an excellent place to put the in-laws if they are visiting from out of town!

Each unit is solar powered and therefore does not need to be plugged in. A unit costs about $30,000 to $5,000 per year. Separate bathroom units are available if you wish to add one. The more I think about it, the more I think my teenagers should live here.

The company’s website states that it not only wants to use its template for camping, but also to solve the housing shortage.

They already have seven campgrounds that are driveable from Boise.

The company hopes to bring the future of camping to Idaho

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According to Love Explore, these are the most unique campgrounds in Idaho, its neighboring states, and California (because so many of our new neighbors are from there). If you visit any of them, please be respectful and practice the Seven Leave a Mark Principles.

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Valley Village is a tiny home and RV park in Irwin, Idaho. It’s about a five-hour drive from Boise. A stay in one of their “glamping” tents costs around US$115.