The Rivian Journey Van Takes Tenting to the Subsequent Degree


The American EV manufacturer Rivian has already caused a sensation in the car industry with the first all-electric pickup, the R1T. Rivian followed with the R1S, an SUV based on the R1T platform. And now the company has another model: the Rivian Adventure Van. Here’s what you need to know about this new RV.

What is the Rivian Adventure Van?

The electric Rivian Adventure Van will be an all-terrain cross-country motorhome, likely based on the R1T/R1S.

— Motor Trend (@MotorTrend) July 27, 2022

The Rivian Adventure Van is the third model in Rivian’s lineup. According to MotorTrend, the vehicle will be based on the R1T pick-up platform. It’s also another first for the automaker: the Adventure Van will be the first factory-ready intercity motorhome. MotorTrend calls it a combination of the R1T and a sports car Ford Econoline.

Rivian Adventure Van Specifications

The Adventure Van may share a powertrain with Rivian’s Amazon delivery vehicle, shown here | Rivian

As of this writing, the EV manufacturer has released little information about the adventure van’s powertrain. Rivian already produces vans in the form of the commercial Prime Van. So the Adventure Van could show some similarities.

But MotorTrend suspects the vehicle will offer multiple engine and battery options. That includes two- and four-engine powertrains, so 1,200 hp and 1,200 lb-ft of torque could be realistic. Rivian’s 180kWh maximum battery pack will likely also be available.

Additionally, MT expects Rivian to integrate its hydropneumatic suspension into the new Adventure Van. According to Gear Patrol, Rivian plans to work with Mercedes-Benz to produce electric vans. That doesn’t mean the Sprinter and Adventure Van will share parts. Instead, the two automakers will share facilities to build electric vehicles, perhaps at a joint factory in Central or Eastern Europe.

Rivian Adventure Van features

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<p>The EV maker will develop the Adventure Van for off-road and off-the-grid living.  Seats will convert to beds, and the cabin will include Rivian’s Camp Kitchen, MotorTrend reports. </p>
<p>The Camp Kitchen is a $5,000 option on the R1T.  Its three-piece design snaps into the Gear Tunnel Shuttle, a slider located behind the cabin’s rear seats.  It includes a 1,440-watt induction cooktop, water module with electric water pump, faucet, collapsible sink and storage space.  A 30-piece Snow Peak cook set is also included. </p>
<p>The R1T’s battery powers the Camp Kitchen.  A similar battery setup and power source is expected in the Rivian Adventure Van.</p>
<p>These features draw comparisons to the Volkswagen Westfalia and Toyota Chinook.  They offer many amenities that make life in an adventure-style van easier, and the Adventure Van might be the modern, all-electric version.</p>
<h2 id=When can you buy the new camper van?

MotorTrend estimates that the Adventure Van will be available in late 2025 at the earliest. In the meantime, Rivian is focused on more lucrative projects, including meeting R1T demand, ramping up production of the R1S, and continuing its partnership with Amazon for vans. MT says the camper van is a lower priority for the EV company.

The Adventure Van will likely be the most expensive model in Rivian’s fleet when it goes on sale. MT estimates the starting price will be around $125,000. That’s nearly double the R1T’s $73,000 and the R1S’s $78,000.

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