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Let’s find out what Dazel is up to this week.

Duck Dazel was awake before the sun came up. It would soon be the second day of their summer journey and Dazel was very upset.

It all started so well. She had been so excited to take this camping trip to the beach with her classmates, and she was even more excited when she was chosen to be the group leader. But once they got to the beach where they were supposed to camp, everything started to go wrong.

Her group had finished second on both tasks on day one, and the Candy the Canary team had won. Dazel also had grumpy eagle Eva on her team who was very difficult to deal with.

Today was the second and last day of their camping trip.

Dazel looked at the two groups – the birds were still asleep. Dazel knew they would get up with the first rays of the sun.

“I need to wake my teammates before Candy’s group so we’re fresh for today’s first task,” said Dazel.

She gently nudged Swain and Oti. They woke up immediately and started waking Rita the robin, Teak the woodpecker, Davy the dove, and Pie the dove. When Dazel tried to wake Eva, the eagle let out a wild screech.

“What is it now?” grumbled the eagle. “It’s not even morning yet!” “It will be dawn soon,” whispered Dazel. “Get freshened up so we can have breakfast and be ready for our first task.”

Eva woke up after a series of huffs, but her loud moans also woke Candy’s team.

Dazel’s efforts to give her team a head start were in vain as both teams were now on their feet.

As the sun rose, Wiz Rooster announced that each team’s task for the day was a treasure hunt. Each team got a card. The team that followed the map and got to the treasure first would win.

Dazel and her team crowded around the map.

“The treasure area is marked with an ‘X’,” said Dazel. “The ‘X’ appears to be very far from the beach near a series of hills,” she discussed with her group.

“Come on, we’ve seen the map. Now let’s start finding the treasure”, Eva the eagle hissed in her irritated voice.

“No, Eve. The first thing to do is fly over that area and find the hills that are marked on the map,” Dazel said firmly.

Dazel’s group flew over the beach. On the north side of the beach they could see a border of hills. Dazel gestured for her team to go there. When they landed at the bottom of the hills, Eva complained, “There are so many hills.

“Please calm down, Eva,” said Dazel. “I know these hills.” “For real?” exclaimed Swain. “Yes Swain! I’ve been here before. You all know I love exploring D’Land and this is a part of D’Land that I have visited before. The area marked ‘X’ is near the hills, but also near a waterfall. This is the waterfall where I had a picnic with my best friends Din Din and Delma,” Dazel replied. “Come, follow me.”

In fact, Dazel’s team soon reached a waterfall.

“Here it is!” cried Oti as he stretched his long neck to a shelf behind the waterfall. “There is an ‘X’ drawn here.”

All of the birds on Dazel’s team flew and hovered near the waterfall and got drenched in the spray of the falling water.

A pearl sat in an oyster on the shelf where the “X” was written. Eve the eagle tried to grab the pearl in her curved beak.

“Be careful,” Teak the Woodpecker warned, “be careful not to scratch him!”

“Let Dazel hold it,” Swain said. “Her beak is smoother and she’s the team leader. It was their expertise in the field that brought us here.”

Reluctantly, Eva let Dazel hold the lustrous pearl and the team flew to the campsite.

Wiz Rooster was waiting. “Dazel’s team found the treasure I see. Congratulations! I didn’t expect any team to find the pearl so quickly,” said the rooster.

“It was Dazel’s familiarity with the area that helped us find the treasure so quickly,” Swain said loyally. Dazel blushed with pride. “No, no,” added Dazel, “it was teamwork!” Her teammates cheered.

Eve the Eagle looked surprised at Dazel’s words.

Soon, Candy’s team returned empty-handed.

“The main quest of the day was won by Dazel and her team,” explained Wiz Rooster. “Now for the last task – each team must prepare a meal with as many ingredients as you found yesterday. You will be judged on the uniqueness and taste of your meal. It’s about working together in harmony,” explained Wiz Rooster.

Each team quickly prepared a campfire. Dazel planned to make plum jam on banana leaves with sunflower seed salad and coconut water spiked with lemon and lime.

“Is everyone okay with this menu?” asked Dazel as she looked expectantly at her teammates. She really wanted to be a good leader that everyone respected.

“I think it’s a very simple and boring menu,” Eva joked.

“Simple is good,” said robin Rita. “We will work hard to make these simple dishes tasty and presentable. If we try something too fancy, it might not work well.”

The rest of the team nodded in agreement and set about preparing the meal in the allotted time. Eva grumbled as she worked, but the other birds ignored her and got busy helping each other complete their task.

Soon both teams’ food was prepared and Wiz Rooster served to judge them.

Candy’s team had prepared a tower of fruit for a salad, a stew of dates and coconut water.

“Your food looks a lot better,” Eva snapped at her teammates.

Teak the woodpecker glared at Eva, but before a fight could break out, Dazel hastily said, “Look, Wiz Rooster is trying the harness.”

Both teams watched in silence as Wiz Rooster examined and tasted the dishes. Finally he looked up and said, “Both teams did a great job.

Dazel and her teammates jumped up and down with joy.

That evening, when it was time to pack up camp and head home, Wiz Rooster called both teams together.

“There were four tasks. Candy’s team won the two tasks yesterday while Dazel’s team won the two tasks today. It seems like there’s a tie,” said Wiz Rooster. Both teams started clapping.

As the two groups congratulated each other, Eve the eagle approached Dazel.

“Congratulations,” Eva said. “Congratulations to you too, Eva,” Dazel replied with a smile.

“You’ve proven yourself to be a good leader,” Eva added reluctantly.

“Thank you,” Dazel said humbly.

As Eva flew away, Swain approached Dazel and said, ‘Oh my God! Dazel, you’ve won the approval of sour Eva! This is your real victory!” And the two birds laughed together.

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