There’s a Informal Magic to Portland Parks & Recreation Outside Screenings


If you’re a movie buff with a penchant for outdoor cinema, chances are you have some treasured memories of movies in Portland’s parks.

You might have passed out watching Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday at Director Park; You might have giggled as you sat in Brooklyn Park as Tobey Maguire unleashed his sick Spider-Man 3 dance moves. Outdoor movies come in all shapes and sizes in Portland – a tradition that will continue this summer with a series of screenings from Portland Parks & Recreation.

While PAM CUT’s drive-in events offer a more cinephile-friendly experience, PP&R’s screenings have a laid-back magic. There’s something comforting about lying on a picnic blanket at sunset and not worrying about kids running around while the movie is on. It’s all about the spirit of community – that’s what going to the cinema should be about anyway.

This year’s must-see movie is Pixar’s Soul, which was unceremoniously released on Disney+ in 2020. Lyrical, melancholic and moving, the film deserves to be seen in a beautiful arena – like Woodstock Park, where it opens on Saturday , September 3rd.