This playful bar stool makes use of mountain climbing hand grips as foot rests to satisfy your ft wherever they fall!


12 Steps is an upholstered chair design that has a system of footrests in the style of hand and foot grips on a climbing rock wall.

It’s no secret that stools tend to be more functional than comfortable. With a hard seat back, stools are not built for long periods of sitting and depending on your height, your feet will either swing in the air or just touch the ground below.

Built as a quirky alternative to the traditional stool, 12 Steps is a new upholstered stool from HaYoung Yoo that comes with built-in footrests designed like rock wall climbing steps so that people of different sizes have a place to support their feet .

The 12 Steps stool by HaYoung Yoo is built on a six-sided wooden column, which is interrupted by climbing holds that are more often found on rock walls. The climbing holds that fill the wooden column of the stool are placed so that the user can use them as a footrest.

The stools also have a swivel seat, which is designed similar to conventional bar stools, so that the positioning of the footrests suits the user where his legs fall. The footrests can also serve as handles if you want to move 12 steps in space. Ideal for a kid’s room or a quirky art studio, 12 Steps is designed for comfort, functionality and playfulness.

Creating innovative chair designs is a difficult task – it’s been around as long as we can remember. Innovations in new chairs can arise from their multifunctionality, adaptability or simple comfort. 12 steps are enough for all three, with an adaptable footrest system, rotatable seat cover and padded upper part.

Designer: HaYoung Yoo