This plush SA-made BunduTrail tenting trailer is your R230,000 residence away from residence


Say what you will about South Africa, but we’re a creative bunch. A company called BunduTec has introduced a new camping trailer called BunduTrail. Because it’s a follower. And you bring it to the bundus.

Which sure isn’t a big deal. Every South African has seen a glamping set-up heading into the bush the day before a long weekend begins. But this particular camping setup is impressive enough that even the camping purists will eye its occupants with a touch of envy.

Traveling the Bundu Trail

The jealousy is because of how easy this thing is to set up. Its creators claim that you’ll be up and running in ten minutes. That’s quite an achievement because it’s fully loaded. The BunduTrail comes in two sizes — 750kg and 1.1 tons — and unless you’re sleeping on the thing, it’s quite a campsite. The trailer comes with a fully equipped kitchen. From coffee mugs to spices to a camping stove, everything is included in the price.

The same applies to the electrics. deep cycle battery? Check. Solar panels on the roof? Check. Inverter, water pump and extension cord? Check, check and check. Gas cylinders, regulators and a gas geyser are also packed into this compact unit.

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And then there’s the tent, which deploys electrically from the center of this tightly packed trailer. The BunduTrail features built-in LED lights, fans, a 70-liter water tank, and a bed that’s just a shade smaller than a king-size bed. Oh, and a fridge freezer. In the event you wish to change without the wildlife watching you, there is a small space that fits to the side of the caravan.

Sounds pretty sweet right? But a list of excellent features tends to lead to an interesting price point. If you paid attention to the headline, you already know the cost of entry. R230,000 is enough to make one your own. What you do with it afterward is entirely up to you, but it likely involves a good night’s sleep and a hot coffee in the morning.