Tom’s of Maine Launches Get Into Nature Initiative with Rosario Dawson to Reinvigorate Youngsters’ Connection to the Nice Outdoor


Investing in the future of the planet begins with investing in its future protectors

KENNEBUNK, Maine, September 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Children need nature to thrive. And nature needs children. But sometimes they need a helping hand to reach the great outdoors. That’s why Tom is from Maine has launched Get Into Nature, a new three-year initiative to fund outdoor recreational activities to give children equal access to nature everywhere.

Tom’s of Maine launches Get Into Nature with activist and actress Rosario Dawson to reinvigorate children’s connections with the great outdoors – and build the next generation of environmentalists.

“Get Into Nature is rooted in resuscitating the wonder so many of us felt as children when we were outside in the garden or in the park, and fulfilling our larger mission to solve some of the world’s greatest problems,” said Esi Seng, General Manager at Tom’s of Maine. “Tom’s has always worked to create effective, natural products that are good for people and the planet. We believe the protection of the planet is in our hands and we should work to make it at the center of all children’s lives to ask – no matter where they live. If children don’t play in or connect with nature, our planet will lose its next generation of champions. “

In fact, children now spend 95% of their time indoors * – and for many, access to the outdoors is inaccessible due to obstacles such as transportation or access to safe outdoor areas. Toms from Maine is working to change that.

Longtime environmental activist and celebrated actress, Rosario Dawson, is a partnership with Tom’s of Maine to launch Get Into Nature nationwide. Rosario grew up in the Lower East Side of New York City, believes that children should have access to the great outdoors everywhere. “Growing up, activism was always an important part of my family’s life thanks to my mom. She helped me create my first campaign to save trees at the age of 10.” said Dawson. “Initiatives like Get Into Nature are closely tied to this legacy, and I hope every child will have the opportunity to stand up, go outside, and be committed to our planet.”

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Next to Dawson is Tom from Maines works with the National Recreation Foundation (NRF), a nonprofit that advocates fairer and equitable access to recreational programs. Together with local communities, Get Into Nature aims to bring the joys of nature closer to 150,000 children across the country. Over three years and with a commitment of $ 3 million, Tom is from Maine aims to introduce the next generation to the vital role they play in protecting the planet. This is critically important as 87% of children who play and explore outdoors are more likely to appreciate, protect, and care for the outdoors as they grow up **.

Get Into Nature funding will benefit children who live in underrepresented communities across the country who often lack the resources to access nature and get outside. The initiative will help local community organizations develop their programs such as access to summer camps like Audubon. to expand and expand Texas’s Conservation Leaders Program for Young womanand improving nature-based programs for after-school youth groups such as Denver-based environmental learning for children and the national Children & Nature Network. Other recipients of the first Get Into Nature scholarships include the Greater Newark Conservancy’s Newark Youth Leadership Project, the Outdoors Empowered Network’s BIPOC-Led Gear Libraries, and Rippleffect’s Senior & Freshman Adventure Quests at Casco Bay High School in Portland, ME.

The NRF is committed to strengthening the role of recreation as a positive force in improving the quality of life of young people. For over 50 years, NRF has supported outdoor leisure programs that build important life skills by actively exercising children outdoors. “With study after study showing the innumerable benefits of spending time in nature for mental and physical health, NRF is excited to be working with Tom’s of Maine to improve equal access to meaningful and culturally relevant outdoor experiences for youth from across the country, “said Sophie Twichell, President and CEO of NRF.

Toms from Maine encourages everyone to join in and do #GetIntoNature by enjoying the great outdoors with a hike, picnic, or learning about Mother Earth. You can share outdoor adventures with Tom’s by tagging us on TikTok (@TomsofMaine), Instagram (@Toms_of_Maine) or other preferred social media platforms. Contributions can be made to Tom’s of. appear Maine Accounted for and celebrated all over the world!

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* Study from the Policy Paper of the National Recreation and Park Association “Children in Nature”):

** Study 2020 by Frontiers in Psychology:

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