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Tools leases provide technique to take pleasure in out of doors recreation


ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) – Now that winter is in full swing in the UP, many are looking to get out and enjoy the relaxation this time of year offers.

Wilderness Sports in Ishpeming co-owner Raymond Sundquist says he’s seen people wanting to get into cross-country skiing this year.

“We had a lot of people renting cross-country skis this year,” Sundquist said. “There are a lot of people in town right now who are home for the holidays and they are looking for something to do. Cross-country skiing is easy to learn for almost anyone who has never done it before. It’s fun to take you outside and enjoy the fresh air.”

Wilderness Sports offers ski, snowshoe and ice skate rentals. Sundquist says renting equipment can be helpful for those starting out.

“If you’re not familiar with any of the sports and just want to try it and you’ve never done it before, renting is the way to go because that’s when you can get a feel for it,” Sundquist said. “You can see if you like it before investing a bunch of money in gear you never use.”

West End Ski and Trail offers a different range of rentals with fat tires and mountain bikes available.

“If you’re new to fat biking and want to try it, renting is a lot more affordable to get into,” said West End ski and trail owner Spencer Pruci. “We make sure the bike is set up right for you: your tire pressure is good; The seat is the right height. We have access to some amazing trails right outside the shop door.”

Pruci says whether you’re coming to rent or just buying outdoor gear, shopping locally has never been more important.

“Supporting local businesses is obviously a very important thing if we want to have local businesses nearby,” Pruci said. “The misnomer that you can get a better deal in a big department store isn’t true. We have the same prices for the same products as the big department stores. We can offer a more personalized experience than those big department stores that add value to that product.”

To learn more about these two companies or to place a rental, visit the Wilderness Sports website or West End Ski and Trail for more information.