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Scott, Diane and Brad Townsend

Townsend Outdoors isn’t your everyday sporting goods store. Townsend not only has everything you need for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities, but you also get a warm welcome and first-class advice. Seasoned hunters and fishermen, the Townsends stand by the products they choose for their business. In addition, they are able to provide unique customer service tailored to each buyer’s needs. After twenty years in the business, Townsend Outdoors has become a hangout for local hunters and fishermen, and this family-run home has grown into more than just a stop-and-shop. it’s an experience.

Scott and Diane Townsend started Townsend Outdoors twenty years ago because they saw the need for a local store that could buy hunting and fishing supplies at the right price. Coming from a family of avid hunters and fishermen, the Townsends knew the necessities of outdoor recreation and knew exactly what to place on the shelves and supplies of their warehouse. They have consistently brought contemporary, top-notch products to market over the years to meet customer demand and the results have paid off. “We have a lot of repeat customers who come to the store,” says Diane. “This fellowship has done us good, so we want to give back as much as possible. Our whole family is full of hunters and fishermen, so we know firsthand what everyone needs. “

An abundance of these supplies can be found throughout the store: guns, ammunition, rods and reels, bait, spinners, camouflage clothing (men, women and children), boots, dog collars, baits, knives, game cameras, deer stands, and much more. The Townsends are seasoned trappers, so they also carry these supplies and can answer beginner questions. Archery accessories are also available with life-size targets; They also have a bow press at the back so that adjustments can be made to customers’ sheets if necessary. Townsend Outdoors also carries live baits such as crickets, worms, and minnows. Little things like jewelry and even a Rambo electric bike can be found here. This store is so full of interesting and unique items that you have to see it in person to get the full Townsend experience.

Scott and Diane made an early decision to provide personal, bespoke customer service for each store owner. They order items that their customers want when the items are out of store. In addition, the Townsends have always made sure to answer questions about their products, give tips on best practices and even take the time for a friendly chat if necessary. If they have an item in their store they know how to use it and they can provide any information requested. With this kind of specialized customer service being the standard, the Townsends saw regular customers early on who returned often, and over the years Townsend Outdoors has become a local hangout for the area’s hunters and fishermen. Chances are, anytime you walk in and overhear a story about that elusive 12 point that escaped or the secret fishing hole known to few. The atmosphere is so inviting with that familiar feeling of family and home that it sometimes seems like everyone is gathering around a fire in the deer camp and telling stories and fairy tales. There is even a digital picture frame on display in the store, which is constantly rotating pictures of their customers taken on hunting and fishing trips.

The Townsends established their store as a family business right from the start. Over the years, all three sons, their wives, eight grandchildren and one great-grandson have worked or hung out in the shop. The whole family lends a hand if necessary, and many just drop by to see who’s around that day to get the latest news from their customers, who have now become family too. Diane says, “We have a lot of fun here. We always have a pot of coffee for anyone who just wants to drop by, and people do that a lot. The grandchildren grew up in this shop and have now met everyone. ”However, when we talk about relatives, we cannot leave out Buster, the most popular member of this family. He may get a little excited at times and decide to play with or chew on the inventory, but Buster does his job well and greets anyone who walks through the door. This beautiful boykin spaniel is a shop-goer favorite and makes an impression on everyone.

Looking ahead to the future of the family business, Scott and Diane are retiring partially and their son Brad steps in to take on additional roles in the business. Brad is a retired wildlife and fish biologist based in Arkansas, so he brings a wealth of knowledge and the ideal background to assist clients with their hunting and fishing needs. He especially looks forward to doing business with people in the local community. “I love this community. I grew up here and have lived here all my life, so I know most of the people. It’s like a big, extended family. ”Brad hopes that one day one of the children in the next generation of the family will want to join the family business and continue the tradition.

Townsend Outdoors offers a unique experience like no other sports store in southwest Arkansas. Here someone can stock up on supplies for the upcoming fishing trip, have a long chat with a close friend about what bites that morning, and get the bait right away! Or maybe someone wants to come over to see the new deer food they saw in the shop window last week. Townsend Outdoors customers in particular know that not only are they getting the very best in hunting and fishing accessories, but they are also given a warm welcome while being sure they will leave with a laugh. However, this shop is best to meet in person for the full Townsend Outdoors experience, and Buster will be on hand to give a tour.

Visit Townsend Outdoor at 2301 South Main in Hope, just across from Highway 29 from Heather Manor.