Two Harry Kinds Followers Began Tenting Out For Halloween Present


Would you camp out for almost a month to see Harry Styles on Halloween? This year, for his second year of Harryween (and first in Los Angeles), two friends both said yes to that question. In a new TikTok video uploaded by @AllyAndArli, they’re currently the first people to camp out in line – and they’re using a numbered system for anyone else looking to join them.

“Hello everybody!” says Ally while Arli sits in a lounge chair. “I just want to let you know that we’ve started camping for the Harryween show.”

“We give out bracelets and take names,” adds Arli. “Just meet us on Lot D. That’s where we are.”

Since the video uploaded, many Harry Stans have wondered if it’s actually real… or if the two girls were just hardcore for TikTok. A user asked what to wear on October 24th (one of Styles’ residency dates in LA), to which @AllyAndArli replied: “something killing.”

“SLAY THE HOUSE BOOTS DOWN HOUSTON IM DECEASED,” wrote one commenter. “Ok cool I’m coming tmr,” added another.

Rather than confirming whether it was a bit or not, Ally and Arli uploaded another video of Arli zoomed out in the lounge chair with Steve Lacy playing the background music. However, their profile shows that they’re both hardcore Harry fans – with photos meeting him, visiting Don’t Worry Darling filming locations and listing how long they’ve previously camped for his shows.

As of August, a video features One Direction’s Harry-related wait for Ellen’s performance at 21 hours. Other shows might be even longer.

Basically, if you’re serious about attending Harryween and not quite sure if your weeks-long camping video is a bit, maybe your best bet is to head over to the Kia Forum… but how, be sure about that. And bring them s’mores. Just because they asked.

Watch the video above.