Two males cited for tenting, beginning cooking hearth in woods behind South Shore casinos | South Lake Tahoe


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STATELINE, Nev. – Two deputies from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) responded to reports of a wildfire in the woods behind Bally’s Casino in Stateline at approximately 8:25 a.m. on July 21

Deputies could see smoke rising from the forest east of the Lake Parkway. They went in about 50 meters and saw signs of a temporary camp with trash, toilet paper and debris strewn about the area. They found two men cooking breakfast over a fireplace dug in the dirt, and it wasn’t a forest fire.

The men told deputies that they normally used a propane grill, but this time they lit a fire instead. One told them he had lived in the same area for three years.

Deputies told the two men that it was illegal to camp in the Lake Tahoe Basin unless using a designated campground. They also informed the men that it was illegal to start fires or use any type of campfire.

One of the two told deputies he was arrested in Carson City, Nevada, and had conditions in court not to use drugs or alcohol and to obey all laws. One of the deputies noticed empty beer cans near the fire and this suspect admitted to consuming alcohol the night before, deputies said.

Due to the large camp area with garbage “everywhere”, rubble and the amount of property in the illegal campground, MPs issued criminal charges for illegal camping instead of arrest. DCSO told the two men they had to clean up the camp and were given garbage bags to take the garbage to the curb (pictured above).

The deputies left and told the two that they would come back and if all the rubbish wasn’t picked up they would charge a rubbish fee. They took 31 photos of the campsite to document the “before”. When they returned they found a man there and things were being cleaned up waiting for a ride to remove his personal belongings.

The men are scheduled to appear in court on October 24.