U.S. Senate passes Outside Recreation Act as business highlights financial contributions


The outdoor recreation industry is celebrating the $689 billion in physical, mental and economic health contributions made by the outdoor recreation industry over the course of the pandemic as the US Senate approved the first-ever recreation package, America’s Outdoor Recreation Act of 2022 , marked.

Led by the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable (ORR), of which the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) is a founding member, outdoor recreation associations and ORR members have shared a video highlighting the countless outdoor recreation activities that make up the $689 billion outdoor recreation economy and more will be highlighted 4.3 million jobs will be supported while urging Americans to get outside and reinvent themselves.

“I don’t think our nation has experienced the positive impact that outdoor recreation has on Americans’ physical, mental and economic health in recent years as tangibly as we have,” said Jessica Turner, president of the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable. “Now is the time to remind the nation and our elected officials of how the outdoors and the leisure economy have helped us weather the pandemic, and how we can bring more to people, communities and economies with bills like the Recovery Package.” We hope Americans continue to get outside to improve their lives, and as the video states, we could all use a little less zoom and a little more space these days!”

“More Americans than ever before are turning to our nation’s great outdoors and waters for respite from the stresses of everyday life — a fact that hasn’t changed since the pandemic progressed since 2020,” said Frank Hugelmeyer, President of NMMA and Chair of ORR. “The recreational boating industry enjoyed another record year in 2021 with 420,000 first time boat buyers entering the market. As families discover the joys and sense of freedom that comes with being on the water, the marine industry prides itself on being the largest contributor to the $689 billion outdoor recreation economy in 39 states and DC.

America’s Outdoor Recreation Act of 2022, passed today by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, includes the Simplifying Outdoor Access for Recreation (SOAR) Act, the Outdoor Recreation Act, Recreation Not Red-Tape and other bipartisan and pragmatic recreation laws outdoors.

ORR sent a letter to the committee last year urging them to pass this much-needed legislation as soon as possible to “help manage pre-existing protected lands and waters to support businesses recovering from COVID -19 and now affected by wildfires and drought, to ensure greater access to nature for all Americans, to mitigate the impact of climate change and ever-increasing visitor numbers in some areas on the outdoor experience, and to create jobs by expanding rural economies and communities are supported.”