UDOT ramping up Ogden Canyon work, warns of delays for out of doors recreation lovers | Transportation


OGDEN – As the summer recovery season begins, the state Department of Transportation is warning motorists that their trips into the Upper Ogden Valley and outside of this year will be a little longer this year.

“As the weather warms and recreational opportunities open up in the Ogden Valley, drivers are warning (we are warning) of an expected increase in traffic and congestion in Ogden Canyon,” said Zach Whitney, senior communication manager for the Utah Department of Transportation, on Wednesday.

Whitney said construction of the Mid Canyon Bridge in Ogden Canyon began earlier this year, and the freeway will be limited to one lane starting this week, with traffic alternating through the work zone.

“The crews monitor the traffic and are committed to making adjustments if necessary,” said Whitney. “But (we) advise drivers to give themselves additional travel time for their commuting and leisure trips or to use alternative routes if possible.”

Whitney says speed limits will be reduced through the canyon and drivers should exercise caution when driving through work areas. The real-time traffic conditions can be found at udot.utah.gov/traffic or by downloading the UDOT Traffic app.

Canyon Road provides an important link between the Upper Ogden Valley and the Greater Ogden Area. The road is heavily used by people looking for outdoor recreational opportunities in places like Snowbasin, Powder Mountain, Pineview, and Causey.

Work on Ogden Canyon Road, also known as State Route 39, is a continuation of a UDOT project that began two years ago. In the spring of 2019, UDOT began a project to refurbish and replace bridges through the Canyon, which was to completely replace one bridge and rebuild two more on Canyon Road.

The state carried out significant overhauls in 2019 on bridges located near the mouth of the canyon and on the far east end near Pineview Reservoir. A third bridge, currently under construction near the old Gray Cliff Lodge restaurant, was also slated to be replaced, but an inspection of a house about 30 feet from the structure revealed that the foundation of the house was during the construction activity could be damaged.

Eventually UDOT bought the property and relocated the homeowner to demolish the house, significantly delaying the progress of the project. The project was also delayed in 2020 due to supply chain issues related to COVID-19.

Whitney said the Mid Canyon Bridge will be replaced with an improved bridge that will last 75 years. The work will continue in the autumn.