UI requests $5.eight million for renovation mission to west campus recreation fields


The renovations would affect the only outdoor recreation fields available on campus that are not fully utilized.

The University of Iowa is applying to the State Board of Regents for a $5.8 million renovation of west campus recreational fields.

the campus western recreation areasis located at 2960 Hawkeye Park Road, Iowa City, IA and includes 12 natural grass fields suitable for flag football, ultimate frisbee, soccer and lacrosse, and four sand volleyball courts.

Rod LehnerzUI’s senior vice president of finance and operations, presented the proposal to the board at its November 9 meeting.

“It’s really an investment, not just for our students, but for the care at this site,” he said. “That [west recreation fields] are a very heavily used part of the campus for recreation and in-house sports.”

The renovation work would include the construction of six artificial turf pitches, replacement of the fencing, re-evaluation of the entire site and installation of new storm drainage systems, the officials said report submitted to the Property and Furnishings Committee.

“This facility offers the only outdoor recreation fields available on campus and was not complete been used for over 20 years,” the report says.

The UI highlighted certain renovations in the report, including:

  • Cleanup and clearing of existing overgrown vegetation, restoration of turf, erosion control, replacement of shade trees and sidewalks
  • Demolition and removal of basketball courts, improvement of sand volleyball courts and re-evaluation of fields
  • Improving the drainage of recreation fields
  • Foot washing stations and water connections
  • upgrading of information technology, upgrading of sound systems; Bike rack; seed

The physical deficiencies of the West recreation fields have a negative effect on outdoor participation recovery on UI, Lean Ore said. The damage means that events and activities have to be postponed or canceled canceled regularly.

“A problem for years” Lean Ore said. “Because of these challenges, we spend about $750,000 to $1 million per year to maintain this part of the campus.”

Significant rainfall in recent years has caused entire seasons to be canceled for some sports, he said. Wet areas, recurring low points and compacted soils also pose safety issues.

“We’re trying to activate and connect students across campus…almost all of our peer and competitive universities use artificial grass on these outdoor fields,” he said.

The project timeline originally began in June 2022 with the Regents’ approval to proceed with the project plans and draft the selection of professionals and the perpetual service agreement for laboratory design. An integrated design development agreement for $403,250 was also made official in June 2022.

Additional costs for the project are:

  • $766,238 for planning, design and management
  • $4,584,022 for construction
  • $449,740 for contingencies

Funding for the renovation will be provided through the Recreation Services Renewal and Improvement Fund. Once approved, construction would begin in Spring 2023 and finish in Fall 2023.

The motions will be presented to Regents for approval at their meeting Thursday in Council Bluffs, Iowa.