Underrated South Idaho Park Has Free Tenting, Kayaking & Fishing


The arrival of cooler temperatures this week in southern Idaho means many kayakers and campers in the area will be packing their gear and stowing it away for the next several months. However, there are those who continue to relax outdoors during the winter months, while most of us avoid the cold weather at all costs.

This year has not been good for me in terms of kayaking. It’s the first time in years that I haven’t gotten on the water. My paid free time for 2021 was spent traveling the West Coast on three different trips. It’s been one of the most memorable years of travel for my family in a while, but that doesn’t change the fact that I still feel slightly depressed when I walk into our shop and see mine and my wife’s kayaks covered in dust.

Last spring, we bought our invasive species stickers and were ready to visit some of our favorite spots in Idaho. While there is around 12 weeks left in the year to use the stickers, we’re not big fans of cold weather kayaking. Trips to places like Thousand Springs State Park, Twin Falls Park, Stanley Lake, Alturas Lake and maybe my favorite kayak spot, Balanced Rock Park, would have been normal day trips and weekends for us this year.

For those who push their way through wintry conditions for the sake of adventure, Balanced Rock Park has everything one could need. The campsite is free, there is great kayaking and fishing, toilets and the roads to get there aren’t that bad even in bad weather. The location is less than a mile from the famous Balanced Rock and it’s the only park I’ve ever seen a Rock Chucks roast over an open fire.

May your cold weather adventures this winter be safe and bring you great fulfillment.

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