Up to date RMP Continues Public Leisure Entry Inside Edinburgh & Corinth Conservation Easement Tracts –


On August 30, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced the completion of an updated management to plan This will continue public recreational access and protect the natural resources within Edinburgh and Corinth preservation easement tracts in Saratoga district.

That Edinburgh and Corinth preservation easement tracts include Lyme Adirondack Timberlands II and Lyme Timber Company. A conservation easement agreement between the landowner and New York State allows for limited publicity recreation Access in addition to sustainable forest management. That recreation management To plan (RMP) outlines what is public recreation Activities are permitted under the agreement. The updated RMP applies to the combined 13,730 acres of the Edinburgh and Corinth preservation easement tracts.

The Combined Easement tracts offer an exceptional snowmobile experience for winter sports enthusiasts. There are 22 miles of snowmobile trails on the easement tracts. The popular snowmobile trail system acts as a network, connecting a large area between Great Sacandaga Lake and the Towns of Greenfield and Corinth. A trail terminating at the state line 0.1 miles from the Spruce Mountain Fire Tower offers a unique opportunity for a combined day of snowmobiling and hiking.

Spruce Mountain Fire Tower sits on 6 acres in the Wilcox Lake Wild Forest and is accessible to hikers, snowshoers and cross-country skiers via a trail on the Corinth tract. According to the updated RMP, this trail will remain closed during the big game hunting season as previously negotiated in a cooperative agreement with the landowner. Hunting, fishing and trapping are not permitted on the easements.

See the final for more information to plan can be viewed on the DEC Website.