USDA To Make investments $800M on Outside Sources


In conjunction with Earth Day, the Biden administration announced nearly $800 million in federal spending on infrastructure projects that promote clean outdoor activities and water resources.

The investment of the US Department of Agriculture, confirmed in a statementwas commended by the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable.

“Quality hiking trails, campgrounds, marinas, and other recreation infrastructure projects are critical to a healthy outdoor recreation economy, as are renewable energy and energy efficiency, rural services and utilities, water quality, high-speed broadband access, and more,” ORR President Jessica Turner said in a separate statement Monday. “These important investments ensure our nation’s recovery goals can thrive while mitigating their impact on a changing climate and ensuring sustainable access for generations to come.”

The USDA announcement comes as the Electric Vehicles and Next-Generation Technologies for Outdoor Recreation Summit is scheduled for Wednesday, ORR said.

“We’re excited to begin this dialogue and work with businesses, communities and elected leaders on how best to transition to cleaner technologies in outdoor recreation,” said Turner.