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Seen here: Max and Casey Harris ride up Fairview Canyon last summer.

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation (DOR) is launching a new Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) training course to maintain access and increase driver safety. Anyone 18 years of age or older must now complete the free online course to operate an OHV on public lands in Utah.

“Our goal is to increase general awareness and education about Utah’s OHV laws and regulations to improve overall rider safety and responsible recreation,” said Chase Pili, DOR OHV program manager. “We believe the new OHV training course will benefit the entire OHV community, from new drivers to experienced drivers and the broader outdoor recreational community, by promoting respectful, sustainable OHV operations on track and respect for the promotes communities affected by OHV operations. ”

The training course takes less than 30 minutes and the certification is valid for life. It consists of 26 questions accompanied by instructional videos that provide basic safety advice, guidance on the legal requirements for operating an OHV on public land, waste bagging and how to be a good steward and sustainable user of trails and the environment. The course was created by members of the OHV community and local partners including Grand County and TREAD Lightly!.

Completion of the course is required to operate Type 1 ATVs (three or more wheels with drag links and splay), Type II UTVs (side by side), Type III OHVs (modified Jeeps or “rock crawlers”) and off- highway motorcycles. Exceptions are snowmobiles, participants in guided tours, animal husbandry equipment, sanctioned OHV events and 4x4s registered as normal road vehicles with full license plates.

The requirements for operators under the age of 18 have not changed; Operators under the age of 18 must still have a youth OHV certificate of training to operate an OHV on public land, road or trail. Drivers under 18 must complete the existing, separate $35 OHV youth safety course or complete an approved in-person hands-on course and exam.

To take the free OHV education course, visit ohv.utah.gov.


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