Utica and Rome municipalities announce reopening of metropolis parks for sports activities and leisure actions | Native Information


Utica, Rome, NY – – Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri and Rome Mayor Jackie Izzo announced today that due to falling COVID infection rates and rising vaccination rates, both municipalities will allow sports and recreational activities in urban facilities this month.

The basketball and tennis courts will be open in both Utica and Rome from Friday April 2nd.

Both communities plan to open city parks for all other sports such as soccer, soccer, baseball and softball on Monday April 19. This date depends on the weather and the impact on field conditions in city parks.

A permit is required in the city of Utica to use a city park / field (no permit is required to use basketball courts). Residents can apply for a permit by calling (315) 738-1342 or emailing Rebecca Duval at [email protected]

No permits are required to reserve fields in the city of Rome. However, it is recommended that residents contact the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Activities for availability. The department can be reached at (315) 339-7656.

In coordination with the Department of Health of Oneida County, organizers of sports teams must submit health and safety plans for their respective teams in order to use a city park / facility. Sports team organizers, including but not limited to adult softball, youth baseball, youth soccer, etc., must contact the city (Utica or Rome) before announcing league activities.

In addition, all local sports organizers must certify that they have read and will comply with guidelines from the New York State Department of Health. While sport is allowed, a corresponding city park / facility must not exceed a maximum occupancy of 100 people.

Palmieri and Izzo are also coordinating with state and local health authorities to determine when senior centers are safe to reopen.

To promote the health and safety of their workforce, the city’s mayors plan to reopen Utica and Rome town halls as soon as any city worker who wishes to receive a vaccine has the opportunity.

All plans are subject to change depending on the fluctuation in the local infection rate.

Palmieri said: “I am delighted, Mayor Izzo, and I can announce the reopening of our city parks. This is an important milestone as we strive to get back to normal as quickly but safely as possible. It is important that we continue to fight COVID diligently and protect ourselves and our neighbors by following all public health guidelines. Mayor Izzo and I will continue to work with state and local partners and keep the public informed. “

Izzo stated, “Mayor Palmieri and I have been in close communication throughout the pandemic to promote the continuity and availability of constituent services in our respective cities. With infection rates falling and vaccination rates increasing, we are excited to reopen our facilities so the public can enjoy our great park systems and outdoor recreational activities.

“As facilities reopen, we ask our citizens to continue with virus-mitigation efforts to mask them if necessary, social distance and wash hands. Mayor Palmieri and I appreciate the quick responses we receive from our partners in Oneida County and received in New York State when announcements are made that will allow local communities to relax current virus restrictions and we will continue to work together for the next several months. “