UW-Inexperienced Bay Closes 90-12 months-Previous Golf Course, Making Approach For Pupil Recreation Middle


The Shorewood Golf Course in Green Bay closed after 90 years. And the news could mean big changes for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and the surrounding community.

The university announced this summer that it will be closing the 9-hole course nestled in a corner of Brown County’s campus. The area becomes a center for student recreation and engagement.

“Times are changing and it just felt like the time was right to make this decision,” said Chancellor Michael Alexander.

Shorewood has been losing money for years and very few students have taken the course, he explained. There is no shortage of golf courses in Brown County, and the extra space opens up new opportunities for the university, Alexander said.

The former golf course is becoming an outdoor recreation center – something that students say they want more access to, he said.

When maintenance staff stopped mowing the place, a rare “oak savannah” began to emerge, Alexander said.

“So that’s in line with our environmental mission and our ecological work,” he said. “It also gives us the opportunity to perhaps refocus on where the starting points for our arboretum are and to offer more access to the community in return.”

The Cofrin Memorial Arboretum covers nearly 300 acres around the UW-Green Bay campus. There are plans to replace all bridges on his ways, said Alexander. The university is always working to involve the local community, he said.

“We don’t have unlimited resources. We felt that this was the best way to really achieve this through the arboretum. We can involve a much wider group of people if we really get the arboretum right, and that’s what we’re trying to do, ”he said.

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It is not yet possible to say whether new buildings will be built on the campus on which the golf course was located.

“At this point in time we are still in the planning phase for how we can move everything forward,” said Alexander.

However, there could be some changes by spring, he noted.

The course was built in 1931, making it decades older than the university. While planning for the UW-Green Bay campus was in progress, Brown County bought the course and donated it to the state in 1969, according to the university’s archives.

Some golfers expressed sadness over the decision to close Shorewood, Alexander said. But the university must use its resources in such a way that its students benefit, he said. The golf teams have not used the course for years.

“We hope people understand why we made our decision and see all the exciting things that are happening on our campus, the increase in enrollments and the fact that the university is in a really good position right now,” said he.

The two-year state budget approved earlier this summer is nearly $ 100 million for UW-Green Bay to replace its library.


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