Vacationers are arriving in Campbell River for out of doors recreation and fishing – Campbell River Mirror


By Don Daniels

The weather has been unsettled in June and visitors are slowly coming to Campbell River.

A few Alberta license plates have been spotted here in town, a few are from France and the United States, but the numbers have been declining for a number of reasons. Some people refuse to travel and stay close to home.

We all know that gas prices are high and there is no relief in sight. Chinook salmon ban is in effect through July 15, and those who prefer to take home salmon are fishing in the bays and west coast of British Columbia.

There are a number of local anglers who usually go on shorter trips and fish for ling cod or hunt for shrimp and crab, but they don’t venture out and burn petrol to get to the fishing areas about an hour away.

The Marine Center at Painters Lodge is open and a charter was issued a few weeks ago and people were having a great time catching their fish and coming back to enjoy dinner. I stopped at the visitor center and wanted to know if there are any tourists coming in and yes they are. They ask questions about recreational activities and I was surprised to learn that hiking is a big outdoor activity and leads to fishing for a number of reasons. There is no fishing rod rental in Campbell River. So if someone wants to go fishing for a day, they need to buy gear. A few guides can help out but for the most part they run their own charter and take care of their clients.

Die-hard anglers fish on the west coast; You stay at the lodge, pay for the fishing and enjoy good food. If you’re planning to visit Campbell River, call ahead, do your research, and decide from there.

Sylvie Layton took part in fly fishing for beginners. She had the opportunity to fish with her father Pete who came here from London and they fished on Echo Lake. They fished from the dock for four hours and took home two trout.

Autumn from Black Creek was there with her dog Cody and she gave Sylvie and Pete some worms and that was the solution to the trout. It was their first time fishing in the lake and they might be excited about trout fishing. Pete was impressed by how helpful people are and has a great memory of their day of fishing.

The worms are doing very well at the moment, but as the weather warms up it can change quickly and different flight patterns will prevail. Echo has a dock, and giving space to others is key. A few areas off the logging road have room for a chair and you can wet some worms and wait and have fun.

Fry Lake is not far and reports of trout have been good with a couple of two pound fish coming in.

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