Vegar Launched Tank Lite Energy with 50000mah Large Capability for Tenting or Mountaineering


Vegar Power Inc is an internationally renowned brand that has manufactured a large number of innovative and well-built products that are reliable and affordable. It has its products on the market in 110 countries and is currently one of the top five most famous power bank brands. Promising to bring new and creative products for everyone, they are back on the market with a new power bank with exceptional features. A power bank specially designed for people who love hiking and camping.


Below are the new features that Vegar have included in the latest power bank:

The new power bank is called “Tank Lite” and has a massive capacity of 50,000 mAh, especially for hikers and campers who need to take it with them and keep it running for long periods of time, and travelers who travel for miles across different countries.

The new power bank can easily charge four devices at the same time, making it easier for campers and hikers to be fully kitted out and have devices fully charged and working, so they don’t have to worry about their devices while exploring and having their adventures.

In addition, the new portable power bank has a unique built-in function that supports 18W fast charging in three ways, the first is Micro IN, the second is Lightning IN 2, and the third is TYPE-C IN/OUT 3. Deployment of more alternatives to charge more than one device at the same time.

As mentioned, the power bank can charge more than four devices because it has four outputs. TYPE-C IN/OUT 3 supporting QC 18W and PD20W, second a USB A OUT 4/5 supporting PD18W; and finally a USB A OUT6 that delivers a maximum of 22.5W. The travelers, hikers and campers usually have various devices to record their travel journals or to check the place they are exploring or just documenting the trail they are hiking and all this is facilitated by giving many loading options. These people can now charge their devices at the same time, and that’s too many times since the power bank has the capacity.

Vegar Power Inc. has made sure that the hikers and the people who camp in large groups have no problems at all and in return they have their portable power bank easier to read and sort.

They have added a new feature of a large LED display that shows the remaining power on the screen and lets hikers and campers know how far charging is possible. This eliminates the uncertainty factor for hikers and campers as to how long they could charge their devices before the power bank gives them up, because now they can easily look at the screen and know how long it would take beforehand and how much to charge which device .

Another amazing feature has been added to the power bank which is the flashlight which supports three modes. The first is low mode, the second is high mode, and the third is SOS for people to keep an eye out when camping or hiking.

With the help of a flashlight, the campers and hikers can navigate and pay attention to the dark and dangerous areas. The addition of a flashlight is the most innovative and helpful feature built as the flashlights can carry around a handful along with the other items the hiker or the camper has; To reduce this stress, one can have a power bank that one can take anywhere and as a multi-purpose device can also act like a flashlight.


With the huge capacity, more charging options, a good LED display and a flashlight function, specially designed for hikers and campers who tend to travel and move peaks and peaks and camp in the dark, cold parts of the world. This power bank ensures people are equipped and never get lost in the targets they are trying to find. Tank Lite is available in a number of countries including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE and Europe where the company puts its products in high demand due to its quality which makes it well known to everyone.

Vegar has made sure that the new portable power bank stands out and is one of the best that has been invented for campers and hikers. The company ensures that the products it manufactures are innovative and can be widely used by thousands of people worldwide. As the company operates and ships the products in the markets of 110 countries, it has built a solid name and reputation.


The Tank lite portable power bank is an amazing example of exceptional products made by Vegar. Their goal is to bring innovation and technology together and provide customers with exceptional products they can rely on. It has grown from one to many countries and the products are said to be of premium quality. With new ideas and brilliant production, products like Tank Lite made for people who are often overlooked, this company sets trends and jumps on board for success.


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Company name: VEGER Power Inc

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Corporate Address: 228 PARK AVENUE SOUTH #85556, NYC, NEW YORK, 10003, USA

Company phone number: +1 (323) 521-4183

Company name: VEGER Power Inc

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Telephone: +1 (323) 521-4183

Address: 228 PARK AVENUE SOUTH #85556

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State: NEW YORK, 10003

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