Velocity climbing report damaged twice in a day


The world record in speed climbing was broken twice within a few hours during the World Cup competition on Friday in Salt Lake City.

In qualifying, 20-year-old Kiromal Katibin from Indonesia raced over the 15-meter wall in 5.25 seconds, breaking a time of 5.48 that had passed since 2017.

In the final of the evening Katibin competed against his teammate Vedriqq Leonardo (24), who won the title with a rapid run of 5.208 seconds.

The video above shows the championship run (from 1 hour, 5 minutes in the stream).

Katibin missed the day to stop the clock but still took the silver medal under the bracket system. American John Brosler, who finished fourth, broke his own US record with a qualifying time of 5.606 seconds.

The 18-year-old US women’s record holder Emma Hunt came second after Aleksandra Miroslaw from Poland.

Fast climbing uses a uniform sequence of holds so that all participants train and race on the same track around the world.

The speed competition is one of two weekend events at the International Federation of Sport Climbing World Cups. The bouldering final will be broadcast live on Sunday from 4 p.m. PDT.

Climbing will make its Olympic debut in Tokyo. 20 men and 20 women take part in all three competitions: speed, bouldering and sport climbing. The US will send a force of four: Nathaniel Coleman, 24; Colin Duffy, 17; Kyra Condie, 24; and Brooke Raboutou, 20. They all compete in Salt Lake City this weekend.