Vermont Fish and Wildlife creates cellular app to assist individuals get open air safely


Outdoor recreation has exploded across the country. Vermont Fish and Wildlife has developed a mobile app that helps people get outdoors more safely and safely.

The Vermont Outdoors app connects people with departmental country, fish and wildlife regulations as well as current COVID instructions.

“The goal of the project was to get information out to the people and get it into their hands,” said Mike Wichrowski, land and facilities administrator.

The project was funded by the Federal Cares Act to improve outdoor recreation opportunities. This week you can expect new additions. A variety of maps provide directions for ramps and fishing spots.

“You can enlarge a district or a city and find out what functions we have there,” said Wichrowski. “So you can find out very quickly that there is a boat ramp for fish and wild animals or a wildlife sanctuary here.”

You can even find out the different types of fish in the water.

“The app is where you can find out what kinds of fish you might be able to catch, so there might be a long list of a dozen fish you need to catch,” said Wichrowski.

Chris Saunders, Vermont fish and wildlife project coordinator, said fishing license sales rose 27% in 2019.

“And our 2020 sales were the highest since 1992,” Saunders said.

Currently, license sales are on track to match last year’s numbers.

“We have about 40,000 people, including people who have bought fishing licenses and those who have a combination of hunting and fishing licenses,” Saunders said.

Saunders has fished all his life. He believes you don’t have to go far for the hobby and the app will show you that.

“Each of us is close to good fishing right next to your house,” Saunders said. “Whether you are in Burlington, Brattleboro or the Northeast, we all have water close by.”

The app can be downloaded from the App Store and is free of charge.