Versatile 2,000W transportable energy station takes tenting to a brand new degree


Escape to the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to give up all the conveniences of home, whether it’s keeping your drinks chilled or charging your laptop. The key to all of this is a reliable, versatile and portable power source that is easy to charge and has enough capacity to keep your campsite going for days. The BLUETTI AC200P portable power station ticks all of these boxes and adds a few you probably haven’t even thought of.

At the heart of the BLUETTI AC200P portable power station is a 2,000 Wh lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery that can handle more than 3,500 charge cycles. This means a service life that is up to three times longer than lithium-ion-based power plants, and the thermal and chemical stability also give LiFePO4 batteries a safety advantage.

There are a number of sockets that allow you to power up to 13 devices at once. This includes multiple AC and DC sockets as well as 1 x USB-C and 4 x USB-A ports on the front next to the touchscreen control panel, plus there are two wireless charging pads at the top. With the massive 2,000Wh capacity, you can charge your laptop 25 times, run a 200L freezer for 29 hours, watch TV all day or, if you feel like it, blow dry your hair for 50 minutes. And all before you even have to think about charging the power plant. This is glamping!

With an output power of 2,000 W, an overload capacity of 2,500 W for two minutes and a surge capacity of 4,800 W, the BLUETTI AC200P can also power high-power tools and other power-hungry devices. So not only can you use a drill for a few hours, you can use a portable air conditioner or a vacuum cleaner or make yourself a coffee.

Charging options for the AC200P are also plentiful. An outlet charges the device in about six hours, but a dual-charge adapter that lets you connect multiple sources can cut that time to two hours. You can also charge from a cigarette lighter socket, generator, lead-acid battery or solar panels. BLUETTI offers a bundle deal for the AC200P plus 3 x 120W panels that charge the device in around 8 hours.

The AC200P is not only extremely practical on the campsite or in your mobile home or caravan. At home it provides ideal backup during a power outage and the ability to run power tools could make it extremely useful for projects around the yard or in your garden shed.

The BLUETTI AC200P is compact despite its large capacity at 420 x 280 x 386 mm (16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches), but still weighs a solid 27.5 kg (60.6 lb)… so expect it no hikes. You can store it for six months without charging and it works in temperatures from 0-40ºC (32-104ºF).

If you’re in the market for a powerful, high-end portable power station, you should tick all the boxes.

The BLUETTI AC200P power station is priced at US$1,799, while Australian readers can currently purchase the AC200P power station at the special price of A$2,599.99 (normally A$3,299).

BLUETTI’s Australia Day Sale also includes huge deals on the company’s entire power station range including the AC200P + 3 x 200w solar panel pack (reduced to AUD4559) and the AC200P + 3 x 120w solar panel pack (reduced to AUD3949 ). The sale runs until the end of January.


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