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The summer heat is here and that means it’s time to take precautions if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. The WRAL Severe Weather Team has an exclusive product called the Heat Exhaustion Index to help you plan your summer days.

If you’ve ever played team sports, or if you have a child playing team sports in the summer months, you have probably heard of wet bulb temperature. Sports clubs check the wet-bulb temperature to determine whether outdoor exercise is safe. Our heat exhaustion index takes into account wet bulb temperature to determine the likelihood of heat exhaustion.

We’ll keep it simple at the WRAL Severe Weather Center. We’ll show you four different categories: low, moderate, high and extreme.

Low: Outdoor activities are popular.

Moderate: Exercise outdoors should last a maximum of 2 hours. At least 4 separate breaks of at least four minutes each are required per hour.

High: The exercises should not last longer than an hour. Protective equipment should not be worn during training and no conditioning is allowed. There are 20 minutes of rest breaks during the lesson.

Extreme: no outdoor workouts allowed, delay exercises until a cooler GWBT value occurs.

The heat index forecast is extreme to high this Thursday and Friday. Make yourself comfortable out there!

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