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Warmth & humidity climbing into the 4th of July weekend


January through June 2022 is the 6th driest on record (under 121 years of data), according to the National Weather Service. Only 0.86″ of rain fell in Waco in June when we typically see around 3.35″ for the month. This remains a major concern for central Texas and is one of the main reasons for the persistent drought and very low lake levels across the region. Apart from some rain showers on Saturday afternoon, the rest of the forecast period looks hot and dry.

A hot and muggy weekend is expected as our days are getting hotter and sunnier. We’ll see less cloud through Sunday and Monday and that should help bring temperatures back up to around 100 degrees. This July 4th will be sunny, hot and humid. Temperatures gradually drop into the mid 80’s to low 90’s at sunset under clear skies meaning it will stay warm but the prospect should be good for fireworks this year. Remember to stay hydrated when attending outdoor celebrations.

Triple digit high temperatures return for next week as high overhead pressure builds. Remember to take frequent breaks in the shade or in an air-conditioned building and stay hydrated when planning outdoor activities. Keep your pets safe and don’t walk them on hot pavement.

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