Washougal Civic Recreation Complicated to be Developed in Washington


Plans have been announced for the development of a Washougal Civic Recreation Complex in downtown Washougal City, Washington. The new recreation complex will offer several outdoor facilities, including a water playground and a dog park.

According to Washougal City Council, a small, vacant field north of the Washougal Community Center would be converted into an off-leash dog park, which would be divided into two areas used by small and large dogs, and provision would be made for a shelter, seating area and a water fountain.

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Washougal City Public Works Business Manager Michelle Wright provided more details on the Washougal Civic Recreation project, which he said would have an entrance that splits into two separate entrances that allow large dogs access to one area and smaller dogs to get the other side. Wright mentioned that the plan also includes a nature playground and obstacle course to keep the dogs moving and encouraging them to roam the facility.

City officials have also been vocal about an outdoor seating area adjacent to the Washougal Senior Center as part of the Washougal Civic Recreation Complex. This facility consists of an outdoor kitchen, seating area, grills, water feature and bocce ball court. In addition, a small park will be created adjacent to the current Washougal Community Library that will feature local artwork, outdoor seating, a splash wall, planting area and playground.

The City’s plans to fund the Washougal Civic Recreation Complex

Washougal Metropolis Supervisor David Scott said the city has yet to calculate the cost of developing the new Washougal Civic Recreation Complex, but the city stands ready to take the initiative and make every effort to not only replace the RCO -Grant but also to obtain other funding sources that might become achievable in the coming months.

Scott also pointed out that the city could also decide to use some of its pandemic recovery funds to fund the project. this relates to the $2.25 million the city received from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021, and another $2.25 million will also receive this summer.

Rochelle Ramos, the Mayor of the City of Washougal, also pointed out that the Washougal Civic Recreation Complex is exactly what the city needs. She mentioned that the project not only adds some of the things citizens want, but also makes the downtown area more pedestrian-friendly, attracts more future potential businesses, and gets more people into the shops.