Watch Adam Ondra free Absolutorium, 27-year-old 9a undertaking at Beckov in Slovakia


The video of the first ascent of Absolutorium, a 9a freed by Adam Ondra at the end of October 2021 and bolted by Tomáš Pilka in 1994.

Adam Ondra has always had a particular interested in climbing the routes of the past. Ever since he was a little boy, he went out of his way to repeat as many milestone climbs as possible in order to fully comprehend what each generation had managed to achieve.

During his raids throughout Europe he often stumbled across lines that had not yet been freed, visionary projects bolted years earlier but simply too difficult for their time. Like, for example, Fugu, bolted by Alexander Huber at the Schleierwasserfall and freed by Ondra in 2009 at 9a, or Goldrake bolted by Bruno Tassis at Cornalba and freed by Ondra in 2010 and graded 9a+. Or Absolutorium at Beckov in Slovakia, freed by Ondra on 31 October 2021 after being bolted by Tomáš Pilka in 1994. 27 years earlier, when Ondra was still a baby.

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