WATCH | Black Woman Accredited: Tenting For Three Days Helped Me Reset My Life!


Written by: Empress Varnado

It’s already a quarter past seven in the morning. She sips two cups of coffee, types on Slack at 140 miles per hour, schedules appointments, and applies makeup while also chairing a team meeting. Does that sound like someone you know?

Well she is me.

I am a woman living the fast life; take care of everything and everyone without slowing down. Desperate to break this routine, I decided to trade my busy life for an off-grid life by going on a 3-day camping and hiking trip with Camp Yoshi. I admit; I struggled with the idea of ​​no running water, creepy crawlies, sleeping in a tent, and using a makeshift toilet in the middle of nowhere. And when I say “fought” I’m really saying I freaked out! I didn’t sleep at all the first day. Every sound I heard I mistook for a desert animal waiting to pounce on me. As the sun rose, another harsh truth was revealed – there were no showers! I had to wash my body with a giant wet wipe and use a water filter outdoors to wash my face and brush my teeth.

Camp Yoshi softened the blow by cooking us three delicious meals a day! We played games around the campfire and had a mixologist on deck after each hike. Speaking of hiking, let’s talk about it! We hiked every day (and sometimes twice a day) which was outside of my comfort zone. However, my adidas Terrex hiking shoes kept me balanced as I navigated new terrain. Throughout the journey I kept saying, “This is the grip for me!”

I overcame fears on this journey; I literally reached new peaks. I found clarity in journaling, doing yoga on the mountain and marveling at the beauty of the sunset with no distracting views. At the end of the trip I was leading the pack down the mountain like a pro!

In all of this, I didn’t even have the capacity to think about my phone, my computer, or what was happening in the world. My attention was focused on these priceless experiences and the wonderful people I got to share them with. This trip was the grounding I needed. There’s nothing like breaking away from your routine, putting your phone on airplane mode, and sleeping outdoors to reassess your perspective.

Camping gets my seal of approval!

Know before you go

Check the weather: pack extra clothes for sleeping – the temperature is sure to drop at night.

Go with a pro: For your first camping trip, be sure to go with a group of people who have experience.

Camp In Comfort: Bring your favorite foods, drinks, and family games to keep you entertained. Buy quality clothing and camping supplies.