Watch: Brothers reclaim document for climbing stairs with one balanced on different’s head


December 24th (UPI) – Two Vietnamese acrobats set a Guinness world record when one of them climbed 100 steps in front of a Spanish cathedral while the other balanced on his head.

Circus brothers Giang Quoc Co, 37, and Giang Quoc Nghiep, 32, climbed 100 steps in front of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Girona, breaking the Guinness World Record for most consecutive stairs while balancing one person on their head.

The brothers said the organizers had to build 10 additional flights of stairs for the event as the cathedral only has 90.

“The new steps have a different height and a different material than the 90 existing ones. We did not have the opportunity to practice these 10 levels in advance, ”Giang Quoc Co told VNexpress. “We used our experience of maintaining constant breathing and foot rates and a moderate pace to successfully reach the finish line.”

The brothers achieved the feat in just 53 seconds.

The Giangs had already set the same record in 2016 when they climbed the 90 steps of the same cathedral. Their record was broken in 2018 when Peruvian acrobats Pablo Nonato Panduro and Joel Yaicate Saavedra climbed 91 flights of stairs.