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The entrance is on the 16000 block on East 700 North Road, about a mile east of US 51. It is easy to miss. So slow down if you see a lot of pine trees.

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Walk east from the parking lot and cross a bridge to get into the forest.

Phlox wildflowers are in bloom alongside a forest path in the Schroeder Wildlife Sanctuary earlier this month.

Lenore Saturday

The Sanctuary puts “Explore” in “Explore with Lenore”. There are no walking maps, signs, or markings, but it’s pretty easy to find your way around – or to back off if a trail doesn’t get where you think you want to go.

While you are in the forest and roughly following the creek (although it may not be visible through the trees) you should come to another bridge over Kickapoo Creek. This bridge leads to a raised roller blind that you can use to watch waterfowl on the larger pond.


Kyle and Olivia Brooks from Ohio approached a privacy screen at the Schroeder Wildlife Sanctuary earlier this month.

Lenore Saturday

From here you can see larger open spaces riddled with trees and paths that spread out in different directions, including some slight climbs towards the western section. Trail runners or people who just want to stretch their legs should enjoy this area.

If you’re into birds, before crossing the bridge at the end of the forest, go straight through an opening that leads to wetlands.

According to an online site,, more than 200 species of birds have been observed in the reserve and bird watchers record their sightings.