Wayfair hammocks are on sale, nice offers on hammocks for yard, tenting, hammock chairs


Let’s face it: Nothing says summertime relaxation like lounging in a hammock, and Wayfair has some really good deals right now if you’re in the market to buy your first one or add another species to your collection. Whether you’re swaying gently in a classic rope hammock on a stand, or lounging in a folding camping hammock — or even perched in a hanging chair — this is something that can add just a layer of leisure to your outdoor months.

Now it’s time to look at some big savings on different types of hammocks Wayfair offers online. We love the bold, classic twill prints. But we would also like to swing in the armchair hammock – especially on a covered veranda. Add a book and a drink and you have a recipe to while away the afternoon.

Wayfair is currently offering some hammock deals with up to 25% off and free shipping.

Some of the best deals on hammocks:

Classic style hammocks

Harrington Double Hammock with Stand, $305.95, now $229.99

Double spreader bar hammock with stand, was $207.99, now $179.99

Croyle Double Classic Hammock, now $83.99

Hutchison Double Spreader Bar Hammock, now $80.99

Sitton Double Spreader Bar Hammock, was $97.95, now $79.99

Mira Double Classic Hammock with Stand on Wayfair.com. (wayfair)

Camping style hammocks

Kirkby Double Camping Hammock, now $47.99

Doughman Double Camping Hammock with Stand, was $119.99, now $112.99

Miter Double Camping Hammock with Stand, $129.99, now $93.99

Chair style hammocks

Scarborough Chair Hammock, was $62.19, now $49.

Cavitt Chair Hammock, $54.99

Deirdre Swing Chair with Stand, now $389.99

Plummer Chair Hammock, $74.99