‘We Are All Manufactured from Stars’ gala Sept. 11 to profit Fremont Journey Recreation – Canon Metropolis Each day File


If ever there was a year that warranted a star-studded gala event celebrating history, science, and community, it is this one.

Back from the successful event in 2019, the gala “We Are All Made of Stars” is planned for September 11th. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience as the sun sets over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, surrounded by elegance and a night of gourmet food and drink.

“This event is really important to us,” said Zach Reynolds, co-owner of Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience, “not only as a business owner, but also as a supporter of Fremont Adventure Recreation.”

A departure from FAR’s normal outdoor recreational events, the fundraiser highlights the community and similarities in a year of disagreement. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says: “… we are anatomically connected to all atoms in the universe. We are not in the figurative sense, but literally stardust. “

“What sets this event apart from everyone else in the region is the fact that it is a very formal event,” said Coordinator Ashlee Sack. “We see ourselves every day as professionals, athletes, volunteers and officials, but attending a formal event like this allows us to see ourselves in a new light. As a community, just like the stars, we are multi-faceted. “

The evening begins with an arrival on the red carpet where the participants will be portrayed. Inside, guests have the option to tour the museum decorated by Touch of Love Florists, followed by a live classical quartet. The outdoor wild walk with life-size animatronic dinosaurs is also available to participants, who are encouraged to pose for photos and learn about the ancient species. Gourmet hors d’oeuvres created by 8 Mile Bar & Grill chef John Baker are served and craft cocktails are offered. The winery in Holy Cross Abbey presents the presented wines – the complex red and white blends As Above, So Below.

The gala also features a silent auction of curated items from local artists, jewelers, decorators and photographers.

“We have some amazing items from Glenn Martin Apertures, My Art Creations – Elizabeth Gamache, MS Designs, rafting tours, activities and more,” said Sack.

The proceeds from the auction will benefit Fremont Adventure Recreation.

“This year the event coincides with the 20th anniversary of September 11th,” said Reynolds, “and we have some things planned to honor all of the people who were affected by this event.”

A portion of the proceeds from We Are All Made of Stars will be used to purchase a cobblestone pavement at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York City – dedicated by our community in memory of the victims of the attacks.

The tickets for the event are limited and are expected to be sold out. More information about the event can be found at https://ccmadeofstars.weebly.com/. Tickets are available for $ 55 per person or $ 100 per couple. The dress code is strictly observed.