Weiss Is.. advertising and marketing marketing campaign targets outside recreation | Enterprise


Interest in outdoor adventure activities continues to grow and Thereasa Hulgan, executive director of the Cherokee County’s Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau at the center, is trying to harness the diversity of natural resources in Rome’s neighboring community to the west by using her white is. launches marketing campaign about three weeks ago.

A collaborative group including the Rome Floyd Chamber, the Downtown Development Authority, Georgia’s Rome Office of Tourism, and city and county governments launched a Rome Is marketing campaign earlier this week.

The local campaign is more of a diversified marketing effort than the Cherokee campaign, which is heavily focused on outdoor recreation.

Agriculture and tourism are Cherokee County’s two leading economic sectors, with Weiss Lake being the number one destination.

“We just wanted to let people know what white is and what opportunities there are for outdoor recreation and lake life,” said Hulgan. “All of Cherokee County is an outdoor adventure.”

In addition to the lake, Hulgan said, the Little River Canyon National Preserve and Cherokee Rock Village are also big draws. Visits to the Canyon Reserve had increased dramatically from 2019 to 2020 when people wanted to get outside and explore places they may never have been before. Almost 650,000 visitors were visited in the reserve in 2019, but that number rose to more than 800,000 in 2020.

“People come from all over the place kayaking on Terrapin Creek,” said Hulgan. Even the Chattooga River, which flows into the lake from Summerville, now has a canoe and kayak rental near Gaylesville called Tooga Yaks.

Tourism in Cherokee County is a $ 20 million industry, but Hulgan admits that tracking these numbers isn’t always easy because the county has more campsites than hotel rooms. It also sees large numbers of day visitors as opposed to overnight stays.

Given the number of boat ramps and accesses to the 30,200-acre lake, Hulgan said it was almost impossible to count them all.

Indian Mountain ATV Park in the southern part of the county is becoming increasingly popular and well attended year after year.

“They’re booming with great opportunities for people to splash on the trails along with some challenging hills to climb,” said Hulgan.

Chestnut Bay Resort has nearly 100 campsites and plans to add another 100 by summer 2022.

A new jetty from Leesburg Landing has increased the number of crappie, bass and even world tournaments in the community.

“People have to get out, want to get out, spend time with family and nature,” said Hulgan. “We want people to know what white is.”