Westbrook recreation advanced upgrades await remaining evaluate


The city is considering moving the outdoor pool to the community center to save costs while also evaluating the potential for other water features in the park in the future. Archive photo

The City of Westbrook hopes to receive bids for upgrades and improvements to the Cornelia Warren Outdoor Recreational Complex this summer.

It’s possible work could begin this fall, City Project Manager Robyn Saunders said.

Upgrades to the softball and baseball fields, basketball court, and parking lot, among others, were scheduled to begin in 2020 but have been delayed due to the removal of the outdoor pool from the project. Organizations funding the project must review the revised plans before the city can seek contractors.

The project is funded with nearly $641,842, including $300,000 from the state land and water conservation fund, $121,342 in county grants and $105,500 from the city.

“WWe are in the process of having the Land and Water Conservation Fund review our scope change developed by our design consultant,” said Saunders.

The swimming pool in the park at Stevens Avenue was removed from the project as it was deemed too costly to repair.

New backstops and fences will be installed at Frasier Softball Field, and the baseball field will receive similar upgrades in addition to a full sanitation of the field and diamond. Erosion control measures are being taken on both.

“We also hope to add signage to the front driveway entrance of Mno street i.ewill Bring better visibility of the park, lights and things in the driveway and parking lot,” Saunders said.

Once the upgrades are complete, the city will consider next steps for the park.

“We are considering another phase once this is all settled,” Saunders said. “So Once we get approval from the funding body, we may be able to reclaim (pool) land and make it about the size of a youth soccer field for future installations, but that’s the future.”

The project took shape in 2016 when resident Phil Spiller Jr. worked on a committee to improve the park’s basketball court, an initiative started by high school student Derek Bruenig in memory of Treyjon Arsenault, a local teenager. who was murdered there, was launched in 2015.

During the committee proceedings, Spiller investigated how the park was originally funded and found that the federal grant program, the Land and Water Conservation Fund, funded it and three other areas in the city. He led a campaign to apply to the fund for improvements in the park.

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