‘What had been they pondering’: Teen snaps photographs of two boys climbing on again of Crimson Line practice – Boston Information, Climate, Sports activities


BOSTON (WHDH) — Pictures show a dangerous ride down the Red Line on Thursday.

Sushit Barua, 14, was walking home from school when he saw the two boys, probably not much older than him, hitchhiking on a Red Line train leaving Andrew Square.

“I noticed these two kids with backpacks, like they were hiding, and when the train came, they quickly got on their backs,” Sushit said. “I thought, what were you thinking? I mean it’s definitely dangerous.”

Sushit said the two boys held on to the rear bar of the train and as soon as the train started moving they held on tighter.

So the concerned teenager snapped some photos and posted them on Twitter – tagged the MBTA,

“I knew it was wrong, so I quickly snapped some photos,” he said. “It’s really unsafe. The teenagers could really get hurt.”

The MBTA said they tried to meet the train at the next station, but the teenagers were nowhere to be seen.

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