Why Georgia LB Quay Walker is climbing up draft boards


One of the very first features that stood out in the movie was how often Walker eats up blocks in the running game. Seems like nobody can get their hands on this guy; He’s one of the raunchiest linebackers I’ve ever seen.

Walker is very instinctive between fights. He quickly recognizes blockages and shoots gaps, keeps ball carriers in their lanes. In this first clip, we see Walker keeping his distance in the ditches and preventing the offensive lineman from pinning him.

In the clip above, Walker does a great job patiently staying behind the line of scrimmage. After identifying the running game, he initiates off-track contact. This forces the offensive guard to step forward and commit. Once he does, in one move, Walker uses his length to push off the block and shoot the gap.

Walker does this quite often.

Here are four clips where he uses this technique. Walker recognizes the locking scheme, identifies the lane, makes straight-arm contact, and then slams into the ball carrier.

In the final clip, Walker flashed up the B gap, bouncing off the guard and tripping the quarterback

Dropping blocks with ease makes Walker a good next-level middle linebacker. Someone who can take on offensive linemen and fill lanes so outside linebackers can smash the ball.