With a number of consuming teenagers climbing on roof, mother charged with disorderly home


A Peachtree City mother was quoted as saying that she had a messy house after complaining and drinking about a noisy late night party with several teenagers on the roof of the house.

Officials responded to an apartment in Walnut Grove in the Pinegate area around midnight on Oct. 24 after receiving an anonymous complaint about a noisy party where police reported teenagers drinking alcoholic beverages and climbing onto the roof.

Officials at the scene confirmed four teenagers were drinking, with several teenagers on the roof with a sleeping bag, said Peachtree City police spokesman Chris Hyatt.

The four underage drinkers, ages 17-19, were cited for violating a city ordinance for minors in possession of alcohol.

The mother, Jennifer Hansen, was cited for violating city rules for a messy apartment.

As a reference, a social hosting regulation has been in place nationwide for several years with the aim of reducing the consumption of underage drinking at teenage parties.

The Social Reception Ordinance states that a person who violates the ordinance is criminally responsible. An adult who allows minors to drink on their own rented or leased property is known as a “social host”.

Another case in Peachtree City shows that law enforcement officials sometimes respond to calls that deal with minor issues, rather than traffic accidents or criminal violence. An example of such calls that have come up to every agency in Fayette County is parents calling the police because their child is not doing their homework. Believe it or not, it actually happens.

Another example came at 2:00 am on October 24th when an officer answered a phone call about a house dispute.

The applicant informed the officer that her husband had thrown a pillow at her and that she threatened to call the police. Her husband told her to call the police, so she did. The complainant stated that this was the second time that officers had been called for their arguments, the police report said.

The report found that the parties had agreed to go to separate rooms for the night and stay to themselves.