Workamping For Singles: Tenting Jobs For Solo RVers


Attention Solo Motorhomes! Workcamping isn’t just for couples. Here are great resources to find workamping for singles…

Workcamping (aka workamping) is one of the best ways to pay for travel WHILE you travel! You can find temporary paid jobs across the country in great places like national and state parks, private campgrounds, retail stores, visitor centers, amusement parks or RV resorts.

There are positions for every personality, including people-centric locations and remote work where you can be alone. Some positions can pay you in kind with a free campsite, while others give you a paycheck. However, others may offer a combination of both!

Luckily, many websites are specifically designed to help RV owners find workamping jobs. You can join multiple work camps to improve your job results. Below are the best resources to help you find work camping jobs across the country!

Workamping for singles: types of jobs

The good news for a single person looking for a workamping job is that there are positions for every age and ability.

There are many types of seasonal vacancies. You’ll find food prep spots, logistics centers (Amazon is known for this), or Christmas tree plots during the winter season.

The National Park Service is another organization that offers seasonal positions in a variety of locations. You can find a spot at a coffee shop, be a park host, or answer questions at historical sites. All you need is a positive attitude for those gigs.

Many private and public campsites need campsite operators. They usually oversee campground operations in exchange for a free campground. Your duties may include cleaning up the grounds, managing laundries, or collecting camping fees.

Another option is to seek employment at any of the Amazon department stores across North America that need help during the holiday season. They offer a variety of positions that vary in number of hours, from a full-time position with extended hours to a short part-time job.

Do Solo RV Workamping Jobs Pay Well?

Most of the singles workamping positions you will find are temporary. Many do not require high skills and therefore usually do not pay much. Still, quick work is an excellent way to offset your travel expenses.

Most paid positions are at minimum wage, but this varies depending on the type of work and job needs. Another factor affecting pay is where you work. For example, camping jobs in Michigan will most likely pay less than in California.

The 5 best resources for workamping for singles

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Several excellent resources are available to help you find temp work on the go. I think the best way to find the best match for you is to review job vacancies and post an online resume on multiple workamping websites.

The most popular site is one that has turned the term “work camper” into a single word…

1. Worker News

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Workamper News is probably the best site to help motor home owners find temp work. It was also his first website, which is why Workcamping is often referred to as “workamping”. More campgrounds use this site than any other, making it a vital resource for anyone looking for temporary travel work.

The website is easy to use and hosts one of the most extensive databases. It offers many different workamping opportunities for those who are looking for it.

2. Amazon Camperforce

Another great resource is called Amazon Camperforce. It climbs the rankings of the most popular resources for finding temp work among homeowners because of the many options it offers. Amazon is a huge company and it keeps growing every day.

Amazon is significant because the company offers seasonal warehouse locations in many states across America. You can work in camps in the following locations (but check their website for an even more up-to-date list as they continue to multiply):

  • Portland, OR
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Houston, Texas
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Lexington, Kentucky
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Tampa, FL

Most of Amazon’s work occurs within the warehouse packing sequence. But you can also find posts for parcel delivery in the city you are traveling to.

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3. is another good resource for you. This website lists volunteer positions for the United States (US) Army Corps of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, US Geological Society, National Parks Service, National Resources Conservation Service, Bureau of Land Management, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and US Bureau of Reclamation.

You can filter the results to narrow the search criteria in the following areas: Activities, Accommodation with a host, Keywords, and Difficulty.

4. fight for jobs

The fourth website on my list is called Kamper Jobs. It’s quite popular because it’s 100% free.

However, you should be aware that since the site is free, it doesn’t offer as good a user experience as the previously mentioned sites. It’s an excellent resource for those looking to find work at no extra cost.

Kamper Jobs offers hundreds of job listings in multiple states across America. The nice thing is that the site previews the latest positions right on their home page. You can quickly and easily see what’s available immediately without digging.

5. is my last recording. It’s another free site made by campers for campers. Website creators Jerry and Cynthia Winegard designed to give traveling workers and businesses a place to find each other for free.

The following is a message from the couple on their website: “We don’t use this site to make a living, so we don’t have to charge our visitors. We offer the site as a service for our RV friends. As long as the advertising revenue covers the hosting costs, we are happy.”

Camping can get expensive.

Especially if you spend more travel time outdoors. Or maybe you live and work from your RV.

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Maybe that’s why you’re looking for cheap or free RV sites and that’s why I’m here to help. I will introduce you to boondocking at remote campsites and then teach you how to find them.

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Workamping for Singles: Solo RV Camping Jobs 3

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