WRAC and LA Metropolis Councilmember Name for Anti-Tenting Ordinance Enforcement


LA City Council President Nury Martinez and others have tabled a resolution

From Dolores Quintana

Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez and Councilors Bob Blumenfield, Kevin de Leon, Paul Koretz, Paul Krekorian and Monica Rodriguez tabled a resolution on October 13 calling for the new anti-camp Ordinance of the City, Municipal Code 41.18, takes effect as soon as possible.

This Code states: “No person shall obstruct a street, sidewalk or any other public right of way: by sitting, lying or sleeping, or by storing, using, maintaining or placing personal property in a manner that hinders passage … and no person may: sit, lie, sleep or store, use, maintain or place personal property on a street, sidewalk or other public path within the distance indicated on the attached signage up to a maximum height of 150 m) of a property, that is designated as sensitive use. In order for a property to be classified as “sensitive use”, the property must be a school, daycare center, public park or public library.

This resolution named the locations 711 N. Alameda Street, 310 N. Main Street, Ill E. 1st Street, 125 Paseo De La Plaza. The resolution calls these areas in downtown LA designated shelters, a daycare center, and a public park.

In addition, on the same day, Mitch O’Farrell tabled a resolution in his district calling for enforcement in nine different locations. These locations are Clifford Street Elementary School, Camino Nuevo High School, Barnsdall Art Park, Las Palmas Seniors Center, Hollywood Recreation Center, Vine Street Elementary School, Madison West Park, Angelica’s Daycare, Shatto Recreation Center. This resolution was supported by Councilor Paul Krekorian.

Meanwhile, the Westside Regional Alliance of Councils (WRAC) has proposed a motion recommending LA City Council members Mike Bonin, Paul Koretz, Nithya Raman and Mark Ridley-Thomas to work with and collaborate with member city councils in their respective districts to advise them on the enforcement of the anti-warehouse ordinance as soon as possible. Two of these councilors, Bonin and Raman, are the only councilors who have voted no to the anti-camping ordinance. It appears that Councilor Koretz has already sided with the WRAC and the other city council members on this issue, as he, along with the other five co-sponsors, supported the resolution to clear the areas in downtown Los Angeles.

This WRAC motion reads: “Requests council members representing WRAC member councils to consult with their respective WRAC member councils as soon as possible in order to obtain contributions to designate locations in their districts for enforcement … the ban referred to Facilities opened after January 1, 2018 that provide shelter, safe sleeping or secure parking for the homeless, or that serve as navigation centers for homeless services, or locations in public rights of way that have evidence of a “special and” persistent threat to public health or security ”. No enforcement action should be taken unless the individuals have been offered accommodation and have declined the offer to serve as LA County Supervisors.