Xplore the Open air with iSportsmanX: Obtainable December 19, 2022


VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia., December 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since 2009, iSportsman has been proud to serve veterans, service members and their families, offering them a full range of services to help them get back outdoors and in pursuit of their hobbies. To continue this service at enterprise level, a new feature will be available December 19, 2022at iSportsman.net.

The soft launch of the intuitive iSportsmanX service is imminent – and will be free and available to all. Accessible on desktop and mobile via iSportsman.net, iSportsmanX is a modern outdoor activity search optimizer that allows users to find recreational outings both close to their current location and their intended destination. Inspired by the nomadic lifestyle of those who serve, iSportsmanX aims to connect veterans, service members, their families and civilians with the best activities available in any given location.

By returning results not only in places managed by iSportsman, but in all places related to the user’s search, iSportsmanX offers users an unprecedented insight into the opportunities at their disposal. Users can search for activities on iSportsmanX by location name, activity keyword or leisure category. With an adjustable radius setting of up to 2,000 miles, the search can be tailored to user preference.

The features of the iSportsmanX service are immediately available to visitors of iSportsman.net December 16, 2022. On loading, an interactive map automatically provides results for outdoor recreation based on location.

Once they make a selection, users are taken to the activity’s page, which by default includes contact information, government regulations, and more. In addition, each activity page will recommend similar opportunities nearby; That means you don’t have to stay indoors if one place is crowded and you can easily find another place.

Looking forward to the smooth launch of this new service in December, iSportsman remains committed to providing users with the most modern solutions. New activities and locations will be made available daily, while user feedback will help perfect the iSportsmanX service in time for the expected launch date of late summer 2023.

Spend less time looking for activities and more time outdoors with iSportsmanX.

About iSportsman: iSportsman is the nation’s leading recreational program management solution and serves as an enterprise-level provider for the US Army and Air Force, US Marine Corp, Army National Guard and US Fish & Wildlife Services. Visit isportsman.com for more information.

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