You may Purchase This Blanket for Tenting— and Finish Up Utilizing It Each Evening on the Sofa


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If you camp more than two or three times a year, you’ve likely seen more than one Rumpl blanket draped on the lap or wrapped around the shoulders of someone huddled near a campfire or in a tent . And if you’ve been to your camping friend’s house – you know, the guy who camps every other weekend at least – you might have used one yourself when you curled up on the couch there.

The first Rumpl blanket – the OG puffy blanket – might have been designed for camping, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it solely for outdoor adventures.

Rumpl ceilings are such good products because they are intelligently designed and built to last. Both the original Puffy and the (even more packable) newer NanoLoft Puffy can be rolled up small enough to stow in a travel bag or a large backpack, but when unfolded they offer plenty of space to keep a person warm.

The portability of the Rumpl blanket is exactly why these are perfect camping and travel rugs, but you will use the warmth and comfort of a Rumpl blanket at home far more often than breaking it out in the backcountry. A soft, smooth exterior made of 100 percent recycled ripstop material is welcome on your skin or as an extra layer in frosty conditions. And under this recycled polyester cover there is a recycled polyester filling – exactly the same insulating material that you find in a packable jacket or a technical sleeping bag of a mountaineer.

The corners of a Rumpl blanket have small loops that can be used to attach it to sand, earth, or any other surface when you need a floor blanket, or to secure the blanket over some sort of frame to create a temporary shelter . Also, if you snap and loop the blanket on one edge, it can be held around your shoulders hands-free.

Oh, and you can machine wash and even tumble dry a rumpl provided you keep the heat good and low. Talk about convenience.

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You will love your Rumpl camping blanket because it is soft and warm, but also because it is hard-wearing and versatile. And if you are into a product’s shape and function, so to speak, you will also appreciate the many different colors and patterns of these blankets.

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Whether you’re taking one with you on your next camping trip, a beach picnic at dusk or just sitting on your couch, you definitely won’t regret investing in one of Rumpl’s pioneering camping blankets.

Buy Rumpl camping blankets at Rumpl, $ 99

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