Yukon will get new tenting tools library to gear up younger campers – Yukon Information


The Yukon has a new camping gear library for young campers to get into the great outdoors.

Parks Canada Yukon announced on social media March 30 that this recently launched program will allow Yukon schools, Parks Canada programs and nonprofit youth organizations to use camping gear. The program is a collaboration between Parks Canada and the Department of Education.

Daniel Ashley, Parks Canada’s Public Education Outreach Officer, led the project for the agency.

Ashley said the Learn to Camp program is part of a national initiative.

“The goal of this program was to essentially lower the barriers to entry for first-time campers to experience the Canadian camping experience, and also to create awareness of how health and well-being can be positively impacted by being outdoors,” Ashley said.

“But this specific program is kind of our unique take on it.”

The Gear Library sign-in/sign-out sheet lists a wide variety of gear: tents, sleeping bags, sleeping bag compression dry bags, thermarests, stoves, water filtration systems, pot sets, tarps, groundsheets, and duffel bags.

Ashley said the approximately 4,500 students enrolled in schools throughout the area can benefit from the program, in addition to the youth involved in Parks Canada nonprofits and programs.

“We really hope that this will benefit the youth. We know they already have some gear available to participate in programs like this,” Ashley said.

“But we also know that it can be a barrier to access – particularly high quality equipment can be quite expensive – and so we hope youth and educators will benefit from having access to this equipment and making it easier and more affordable.” to bring their groups and students to our national parks and also to our beautiful Yukon landscape.”

Materials stored at the Ministry of Education can be reserved prior to collection via an online booking system.

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